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When you want or need a tow service in Baldivis, Perth, you can rely on our drivers at Baldivis Towing Services. No matter what make and model of vehicle that you drive, our tow truck drivers can assist with your towing needs. We have invested in a wide range of tow trucks to help with your many service needs. If you want to be certain that your vehicle will be able to make it to its final destination in a timely manner, make sure you rely on our talented team of professional drivers to help with your towing needs. With the most reputable company towing your vehicle, you will likely feel a lot better about allowing us to have it towed. When you are stranded anywhere in Baldivis or around Perth, call Baldivis Towing Services.

About Us

Baldivis Towing Services is a locally owned and operated tow truck company that is also family-owned and operated. We began our services over two decades ago to address the needs of our customers who do not feel as though they are receiving the help they need. With our vehicle tow services in Baldivis, we are committed to meeting the needs of motorists. This requires that we also offer 24-hour towing services. You are able to receive the help that you want and need any time of the day or night. Anytime motorist call on us, they know that they will receive prompt services. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Baldivis Towing Services will be able to help with any of your towing needs, big or small. Our team of professional drivers are licensed and insured. You are in good and capable hands when you turn to us for your towing needs. We have everything that we need to effectively assist with your towing needs, as we have made a good investment in our business. With a fleet of the most reliable towing vehicles, we can give you the help that you need when you need it most. If for what ever reason we can’t service you, we recommend to call the services of

24-Hour Service

If you are wondering what sets one towing company in Baldivis apart from another consider how willing they are to help with your towing needs. If they are available around the clock to offer you the help that you need whenever you may need it, this is a good sign that they are a reputable and reliable towing company.

​Emergency Towing

Who can predict when they will need a tow truck service in Baldivis, Perth to come get them out of a sticky situation? Since a breakdown is so unexpected and unpredictable, it makes sense to know the name of a dependable emergency tow truck that you can count on when you need them. In Baldivis, this tow truck service happens to be Baldivis Towing Services. We offer 24-hour emergency tows.

“We were so glad to know that this towing company offered emergency towing services, as we experienced a problem early this morning. On my way to work I got a flat tyre. Baldivis Towing Services quickly sent someone to help me out. I definitely recommend their services to others in Baldivis who may experience a similar problem. – Annie W.

Insurance Accident

You are never too far from one of the tow truck drivers of Baldivis Towing, as we’re available to assist with your emergency needs 24-hours a day. You never know when you’ll require the services of a tow truck but when you do, you can always count on our drivers to be there when you need them. We deliver quality-towing services around the clock.


Perhaps you have stopped off somewhere after work, hopped in your vehicle and it will not start. Maybe you are headed to work and all of sudden, your vehicle just stops. This can definitely make a person panic, however, isn’t it nice to know that you can count on our tow truck drivers in Baldivis Towing Services. They have the experience and the necessary equipment to assist with your towing needs. We’re here for you any time you breakdown.

“I am happy to recommend the services of Baldivis Towing Services. When we were looking for someone to help move some work equipment, we contacting this company. They delivered our equipment in time for the job to start. We couldn’t have done it without them.” – Charles L.

Specialized Towing

With the specialized towing services that we offer to you at Baldivis Towing Services, you’re able to have large vehicles and equipment transported to wherever you would like in the city. Since we have invested in the necessary tow truck to do this, it is a good idea to give us a call when you need specialized towing. We offer fair pricing and will get whatever we are towing to its final destination on time. Let us handle any of your special towing needs.

Flat Tyre

Experiencing a flat tire isn’t the end of the world. If you happen to have a flat tire and need help, rely on Baldivis Towing Services, where we also offer roadside assistance services. You never know when you will roll over something in the road that will cause you to have a flat tyre. However, when you do, give us a call and we’ll be there with the tools needed to assist with your flat tyre repair or replacement needs.

“The more we did to get our vehicle running again, the worse it seemed the problem became. We took a chance by contacting Baldivis Towing Services at almost 2 in the morning. Much to our surprise they were available. The driver had us back on the road in no time.” – Shannon T.

Contact Us

Do yourself a favour by calling on the professional tow services of Baldivis Towing Services near Perth, AU when you are seeking the services of an affordable and dependable tow truck company. Our tow truck drivers are available to assist with your towing needs around the clock, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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